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Why should you need a Loss assessor:


The only reason why effects insurance is again the possibility of a claim. So when a claim does arise, you have the right to expect that your Insurance Company will deal with in a sympathetic manner and in such a way that does not leave you financially disadvantaged. Sadly, the reality is often very different. In dealing with a claim of any size, the insurance Company will appoint a loss adjuster or representative. He is engaged and paid by the Insurance Company. There are always grey areas. Claim assessing is not an exact science and there are many instances where there is no absolute answer to the way a claim for a particular item should be settled. Human nature being what it is, the Loss adjuster is likely to lean towards his principals, the Insurance Company. Also to be noted is that in France, the loss adjuster has no obligation to communicate with you in English, even if he belongs to an International Loss Adjusting firm ... The loss assessor charges a fee  agreed with you in advance for the work undertaken on your behalf.


When should I need a loss assessor:

The way a claim is prepared and presented is every bit as important as the way in which it is negotited and settled. You therefore need to appoint a loss assessor as soon as you realise that you have a claim. Don't wait until things start to go wrong,  when the Insurance Company's loss adjuster tells you that you are not entitled to claim for something which you were convinced forms part of you claim or when the loss adjuster tries to reduce the amount of your claiming, often quoting" "small print" in the policy ...

A loss assessor will:

attend on you immediately, prepare the claim, and negotiate best terms for settlement on your behalf

For what type of claim a loss assessor is needed:

The service of a loss assessor should be sought for all claims following loss by fire, theft, flood, storm, business interruption, oil and chemical pollution, subsidence, marine & transit ... or indeed all claims of any size or complexity.

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Please contact us for more information. We offer a claim assessing service in the all Paris area from a speaking english former loss adjuster who obtained the Lloyd's C.C.S.P. Certificate during the time he worked for the Lloyd's Agent in Paris:

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